Free book for SMEs to cut energy bills

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energycutAustralians spend more on energy than many of us realise. In 2012 we spent $9 billion on air-conditioning-related energy bills and nearly $5 billion on refrigeration-related energy costs.[1] We're also spending tens of billions of dollars on fuel products.[2]

After staff costs, energy is one of the main expenses for SMEs. But it's a cost that can be reduced. It's a guaranteed way to improve the profitability and resilience of a business.


Poll shows the majority of voters want live export stopped

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liveanimalResponding to the revelations of Australian cattle being beaten to death with sledgehammers in Vietnam, Prime Minister Tony Abbott today said that the Labor Government's decision in 2011 to temporarily stop live exports was "probably the most short-sighted blunder in Australian foreign policy in recent memory".

He stated categorically that the current government would not be suspending the live export trade.


Victorians Join the Fair Trade Movement

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fairtrade2015Melbourne based organization, Moral Fairground, is once again running the Victorian Fair Trade Festival – a series of events designed for Victorians to celebrate the annual Fair Trade Fortnight.
This week is the final week of line up of events.

The festival takes place globally with events, festivals and activities happening all around the world, celebrating the Fair Trade movement and campaigning for justice in trade practices as well as promoting sustainable environment and social responsibility.


Hundreds protest against BP's oil plans in Great Australian Bight

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wildernesslogoAustralians don't want a Gulf of Mexico disaster in our pristine waters

More than 300 people turned out on Adelaide's Glenelg Beach today to protest against BP's plans to drill for oil in the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight next year, including musician Bunna Lawrie and other Mirning people, the Traditional Owners of the head of the Bight.

Hands Across the Sand events happen across the world to raise awareness of the risks posed by the offshore oil and gas industry and push for more renewable energy.


10 reasons burning native forests for energy should not be in the RET

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acflogo1. Including native forest burning in the RET will restrict the uptake of real renewables

Renewable energy targets can be more than met by wind, solar and other genuinely renewable energy sources.

If burning the lungs of our land is allowed to be classified as renewable, it would take credits and assistance from the real renewable energy industry, especially from new, large-scale solar thermal and solar PV plants.


Entries open for Premier's Sustainability Awards 2015

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svawardentriesVictorians who have shown leadership in sustainability and a commitment to improving the environment are encouraged to enter the 2015 Premier's Sustainability Awards and share their work.

Sustainability Victoria CEO Stan Krpan said the awards were a great way of acknowledging and rewarding individuals and companies that have made practical and innovative efforts in reducing their environmental impacts, and influencing others to do the same.


Wild Onesie Week Ramps Up for 2015

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onesie2015WWF is inviting Australians to walk, bounce or hop back into the wildlife spirit this June, with the much-anticipated return of Wild Onesie Week 2015.

After a successful launch year, which saw more than 1,200 participants raise over $115,000 in 2014, Wild Onesie Week will return from 1st – 5th June 2015, coinciding with World Environment Day on Friday 5th June.


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