Call grows for a new approach to radioactive waste management

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acflogoAustralian civil society groups have called on the Federal Government to take a new approach to the vexed issue of radioactive waste management.

In an open letter to federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane national environment groups, the ACTU, public health and Aboriginal representatives have urged the Minister to move away from a search for a postcode for a remote dump in favour of a credible and open examination of the range of management options.

New PETA poster calls on workers to report cruelty to animals

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petalogoIn the wake of the recently released PETA US sheep abuse video exposé and the RSPCA's announcement of its campaign to push for laws that would make it mandatory for workers on farms to report cases of cruelty to animals, PETA Australia has created a new poster campaign that calls on workers to report abuse now.

PETA – whose motto reads, "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way" – intends to make the poster available to be placed outside shearing sheds, laboratories, slaughterhouses and any other businesses that use and/or kill animals as well as in newspapers and magazines.

Cane toads that move in lines are most responsible for their spread

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canetoadHow are cane toads taking over Australia with such alarming haste? New research from the University of Sydney offers new insight into the pervasiveness of one of the nation's most reviled pests.

Latest findings from a team led by Professor Rick Shine from the University's School of Biological Sciences shed light on how those at the frontline of cane toad invasions make more headway than their established counterparts, making them responsible for the species' seemingly unstoppable spread

New plan tackles "rogue" ships threatening the Reef

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wwfWWF-Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society welcomed the new North East Shipping Management Plan released today saying it addressed a number of concerns about "rogue" ships threatening the Great Barrier Reef.

"Shipping presents a major threat to the Reef – just one incident could have catastrophic impacts for the Reef's future," said WWF-Australia Reef campaigner Louise Matthiesson.

November Is National Asbestos Awareness Month 2014

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asbestosweekNOvember is national Asbestos Awareness Month.

In the lead-up to Asbestos Awareness Day (Friday 28 NOvember) all Australians especially homeowners, renovators tradies and handymen need to Get to kNOw Asbestos this NOvember by visiting and take the 20 Point Asbestos Safety Check to learn how to protect themselves and families from exposure to dangerous asbestos fibres.

Is public transport too important to be left to politicians?

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publictransportRMIT University will host a public transport debate next week to honour the life of Associate Professor Paul Mees OAM and his contribution to local and international urban transport and planning.

774 ABC Melbourne radio host Jon Faine will be master of ceremonies at the free event on Tuesday, 14 October, as debaters ponder the question: Is public transport planning too important to be left to politicians?

Marine and beach littering project tops Premier's Sustainability Awards

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svpremierswinners14The Port Phillip EcoCentre has won the state's top honour in the Premier's Sustainability Awards - the Premier's Recognition Award - for its program 'Life Support for the Bay'.

Stan Krpan, CEO of Sustainability Victoria, describes the Port Phillip EcoCentre as a 'marvellous role model, highlighting the power of community involvement and relationship building.'

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