Australia's fairest brands announced

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fairtradenewslogoLeading Australian brands and retailers have today been recognised with 2014 Fairtrade Awards for their significant commitment to helping create a better future for farmers, their families and communities in developing countries.

Now in their second year, the Fairtrade Awards recognise businesses that have helped grow Fairtrade in Australia. Australian consumers voted for their favourite Fairtrade products and cafes, and an independent judging panel consisting of representatives from NAB, Salvation Army and the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries awarded prizes to two retailers.

Government report finds reef-harming farm pollution “largely ungoverned”

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wwfGovernment report finds reef-harming farm pollution “largely ungoverned”

An independent report commissioned by the Federal Government has highlighted that one of the key causes of the decline of the Great Barrier Reef - agricultural pollution - is “largely ungoverned”. WWF-Australia spokesperson Sean Hoobin said:

“While voluntary industry schemes and government incentives are supporting willing farmers to reduce pollution, these programs rarely reach the producers with the worst pollution practices.

“Industry, government and the wider community need to draw a line in the sand on what is acceptable agricultural practice and regulate minimum standards,” he said

Transitions Film Festival returns to Adelaide on 24 October

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transitionsadelaidenewsThe Transitions Film Festival returns to Adelaide this spring with another inspiring program of world-changing documentaries. The festival launches on 24th October with A Taste of Change, an evening of film, music and food, and runs through November, at the Mercury Cinema.

The films in this year's Transitions Film Festival highlight the power, commitment and fortitude of individuals pushing themselves, against the odds, to create change; Musicwood tracks the most famous guitar-makers in the world on a jungle quest to save the acoustic guitar; The Connection spotlights the pioneers of the medicine revolution as they strive to put the mind-body connection at the center of the way we heal ourselves, and Project Wild Thing follows a man on a mission to 'sell' nature to children.

Two thirds of Australians admit to having too much stuff at home and no space for it

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garagesaletrail1Two thirds of Australians admit to having too much stuff at home and no space for it

According to a Newspoll survey commissioned by Garage Sale Trail, two thirds of Australians aged 18-64 say they have “too much stuff at home and not enough space for it all.”

The survey, which also found that 86% of Australians have at some point either ‘bought things they end up not using or hardly using at all’ (87%) and ‘bought things on impulse and then regret it’ (79%) is a clear indicator as to why Garage Sale Trail, a national not-for-profit sustainability and community event, has grown exponentially since its inception in 2010.

Alien attacks keeps Aussies holding onto old mobiles. Seriously?

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mobilemustertop3Alien attacks keeps Aussies holding onto old mobiles. Seriously?

Are you hanging onto that old mobile phone just in case aliens attack and you'll need it so they can't track you? Well believe it or not, you might not be as alone as you think.

A new survey from not-for-profit mobile phone recycling program, MobileMuster into why Aussies are hanging onto their old mobiles has found that one in 10 Aussies (12%) are keeping their old mobile just in case there might be an unpredictable 'end of world' event.

Taiji annual dolphin drive commences again

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australiafordolphinsTaiji annual dolphin drive commences again

The annual dolphin drive hunting commenced in the coastal town of Taiji, Japan, on the 1st of September 2014.

The fisherman returned empty-handed for the first 15 days of the season, however this morning it was confirmed a pod of dolphins have been herded into the cove (made famous in the 2009 Academy Award nominated documentary The Cove), and are awaiting their fate - to either be sold into a lifetime of captivity, or brutally slaughtered.

National Landcare Award winners as diverse as Landcare itself

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landcareawards2014National Landcare Award winners as diverse as Landcare itself

Eleven winners of the National Landcare Awards have been announced tonight at a dinner in Melbourne. Also announced at the dinner was the winner of the Bob Hawke Landcare Award; NSW farmer Colin Seis.

Landcare Australia CEO Tessa Jakszewicz congratulated all winners at the National Landcare Awards. "Although Landcare needs to adapt to changing times, our driving purpose remains to protect, restore and sustain Australia's natural environment and its productivity for future generations," she said.

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