Budget '15 gives the Government a stark choice: back big polluters or the people

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acflogoThe Federal Government could save $5.2bn in the coming financial year alone by reforming subsidies and tax breaks that encourage pollution, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

ACF's Federal Budget submission calls on the Government to reform the Fuel Tax Credit scheme, repeal tax breaks for oil and gas assets, abolish aviation fuel concessions and invest in initiatives to protect Australians' livelihoods and quality of life for the future.

Australia’s report to UNESCO denies serious decline of Great Barrier Reef

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wwfThe State Party Report on the Great Barrier Reef, submitted to UNESCO on the weekend by the Australian Government, is inaccurate and fails to acknowledge serious declines in the Reef's health.

The report portrays the Reef as remaining in good condition despite evidence from the government's own scientists that it is suffering a serious decline in its health.

Planet on a Plate: eating & farming for our future

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vadanaGM-free Australia Alliance & Sydney Food Fairness Alliance Presents 'Dr Vandana Shiva, ecologist, scientist, philosopher, feminist', and her presentation "PLANET ON A PLATE: EATING AND FARMING FOR OUR FUTURE" on Friday 20 February @ 7pm in Sydney.

As recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize and the Right Livelihood Award, Dr Vandana Shiva's message is hope for the future. But we must change our profligate and unjust ways now.

250 Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants up for grabs

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landcarejuniorawards2015All schools, kindergartens, day-care centres and youth groups across Australia are being invited to apply for one of 250 Coles Junior Landcare Garden grants of up to $1,000, to build a garden or improve an existing one in their grounds or wider backyard.

The 2015 Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants, providing funding of a quarter of a million dollars, coincides with the launch of Landcare into the Australian Curriculum in time for the 2015 school year.

Investigating pollution in the Arctic

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arcticMuch of the current understanding of how environmental pollutants affect organisms comes from experimental data on individual contaminants.

However, researchers from the Fram Centre in Norway believe that the combined effect of several substances could be more severe than the sum of their individual effects.

They are now studying the fish populations in the lakes of a remote Norwegian island to see whether this "cocktail effect" exists

CSIRO and BOM climate projections show Australia warming up

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acflogoNew climate projections by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology show Australia is already experiencing global warming and the impacts will get worse without serious action to cut pollution, the Australian Conservation Foundation said.

"Unless greenhouse pollution is slashed, Australia's climate will change significantly, with a temperature of increase of between 2.8°C and 5.1°C by 2090," said Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, Climate Change Program Manager for ACF.

"We can expect Sydney's climate to become more like Brisbane's, Melbourne's more like Dubbo's, and Perth's more like Geraldton's.

Transitions Film Festival 2015 MELBOURNE

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transitonsfilm2015The Transitions Film Festival returns to Melbourne this February, with an expanded program of world-changing documentaries.

The Festival kicks off at Testing Grounds on Friday 13th February with an open air screening of Inside Out:The People's Art Project and runs until the first week of March.

The program features a Projector Bike ride and outdoor screening at Argyle Square in Carlton, as well as free films on the Big Screen at Federation Square, and a jam-packed program at Cinema Cinema Nova, including 11 national premieres and 4
Australian documentary features..

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