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Making a change to help save the orangutans
Written on Monday, 15 December 2014 18:28

What a year 2014 has been.    Downsized my house, my life and recycled almost everything I own via op shops, friends and strangers since I no longer needed all the ‘stuff’ I had accumulated over the years.  

I have experienced true freedom of not being a slave to a mortgage nor caring about keeping up with the Joneses. 

It also gave me the opportunity to take part in the Trans Borneo Challenge and finally see orangutans in the wild after spending so much of my working life campaigning to help save them, and the many other species under threat from our changing environment, from the safety of my desk.

Eco Review - Product of the Week

Thursday 11 December 2014

Fronted by celebrity chef Miguel Maestre, the My Food Bag is a home delivery service in Melbourne and Sydney, where customers who order online receive food bags containing the ingredients and recipes for a week’s main meals.

All the ingredients are fresh, free range and locally sourced wherever possible as the concept encourages people to know where their food comes from and supports a small group of Australian growers and farmers who share their commitment to quality, sustainability and animal welfare.


Product Competitions & Offers

ftgappleOver the Christmas/New Year break you will receive a free ID bag tag for every Fridge-to-Go cooling bag purchased online.  

Fridge-to-Go bags keep food & drink cool for up to 8 hours with no electricity or batteries.

Simply use 'Ecochick' at the checkout (when prompted for promotional code).

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