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How your signature can help save the Reef
Written on Wednesday, 18 February 2015 16:57

Signing petitions is an age-old way of the community pulling together for a cause and voicing their concern to influence change.

They have helped change legislation, stopped corporate or industry activities that impact negatively on the community, created awareness about important issues that neeed public support and so much more.

Never underestimate what the power of your signature can have on helping to protect the environment, wildlife, local communities and individuals from harm.

Eco Review - Product of the Week

Tuesday 17 February 2015
The February Nature's Beauty Bag arrived in the post with a whole new range of eco-friendly products for me to try out.

Delivered bi-monthly it's always a nice surprise to see what natural and organic beauty products that I may not yet have encountered have made their way to market.

By subscribing at $29.95 you will receive 5-7 samples every two months.


Product Competitions & Offers


Thermofilm has launched Envirotouch, a unique range of intelligent, timer-based switches that provide simple control of lighting and electrical devices. Save hundreds of $$ on electricity each year.

WIN one of three Envirotouch TT-ET3 switches valued ast $79.95 each.  
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