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Ecochick Adventures' first documentary launches for Earth Day
Written on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 21:10

It's a big few days of celebrations here at Ecochick central.

Celebrated in more than 192 countries, Earth Day is held on the 22nd April each year, acting as a reminder of our need to reconnect with nature and do what we can to protect our planet for future generations.

My Earth Day celebration was held a bit earlier, on Sunday in fact, at the premiere screening of my Ecochick Adventures: The Trans Borneo Challenge documentary at Palace Cinemas in Melbourne.

Eco Review - Product of the Week

Tuesday 21 April 2015

I've been a fan of Hemp Organics Liptints for a long while now as they are perfect blend of a lip balm with a lipstick and provide a rich sheer tint, whilst moisturising lips with organic castor oil and moisturising organic hemp seed oil.

So when I went out searching for a new organic lipstick, it was no surprise that it was a Hemp Organics Lipstick that became my new favourite for the autumn and winter months ahead.


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AWE Cosmeceuticals™ vimala Gentle Cleanser is a gentle combination of natural surfactants, mild exfoliating actives and anti-oxidants to delicately cleanse away make up and dirt without any nasty chemicals.

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